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Beautiful On Any Device

Responsive Web Design as a Necessity

It’s not just about mobile search ranking. Responsive web design is vital in presenting a consistent brand image across all devices. Web presence, after all, means nothing if the said presence doesn’t provide positive experiences for the target audience.

Responsive web design enables your website layout to adapt to even the largest or smallest screens. This adaptive technology is forward-compatible, adjusting even to newer devices and higher resolutions.

Mobile-friendliness is an important design consideration that often gets overlooked or glossed-over during website creation or redesign. It’s a requirement for some, for others just another feature in the design package. Either way, responsive web design has a huge impact on the overall performance of not only your website but also your marketing strategies.

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Smaller Screens, Similar User Experience

Several years ago, mobile friendly-design wasn’t a priority. A majority of websites were unwieldy and almost impossible to navigate for mobile users. But then the number of mobile-only browsing activity rose, and with it the preference for mobile-friendly websites. Responsive web design became vital in not only SEO but also in building a consistent brand image and getting a cut in the ever-growing mobile user market.

Mobile users now expect consistent viewing experiences in all devices. Websites should adapt to mobile demands in format and navigation but still look familiar for the user. Menus and submenus should still be in the same locations within the website. This design flexibility and seamless user experience are only achievable through responsive web design.

Expertise and Experience in One Company

For over10 years, Onsite247it  a reliable name in web design, keeping ahead of trends and technology advancements in the industry. And as responsive web design became vital in the success of websites, Lounge Lizard stepped up to produce quality designs that are not only adaptive but also highly optimized.

We aim continually learn the best practices, keep up with emerging design concepts, and further hone our team’s expertise in the field. As a result, we consistently produce innovative responsive web and mobile-only website designs that provide seamless user experience across different device sizes.

Create a Seamless User Experience with ONSITE247IT

Responsive web design is a vital expense you can’t skimp on. It’s a single build that it can last your website’s lifetime if implemented properly. Lounge Lizard’s responsive web design services aren’t just about changing how the website appears across devices, but also making the website mobile-friendly in all aspects so that it will load and run perfectly on mobile.

One of the most important changes is on the website’s CMS. Responsive design projects aren’t the same for every website and the extent of the necessary changes affects the cost. The cost may go up or down depending on the website’s structure, the extent of the necessary design changes, and the website’s graphical elements.

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